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Killing Kin Skye Knight Dent

Killing Kin

Skye Knight Dent

Published February 4th 2014
Kindle Edition
188 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

In her new novel “Killing Kin”, TV science fiction writer Skye Knight Dent takes on the challenge of creating a supernatural suspense based on a true to life unsolved murder.Killing Kin is dark. It’s brooding. It has passion. It has supernatural elements.It’s a story of how secrets and emotional solitude can destroy the fabric of a family.But,most of all, “Killing Kin” is about one 28-year-old woman named Amelia and how she jeopardizes her own life to uncover those secrets and emotionally reunite her family.Yes, her father, Henry, has just died from a disease that eroded the seal of his brain.Yes, her mother, Ruby, is as cold and harsh as a Siberian winter.Yes, her 17-year-old brother Cleveland, is just barely holding onto sanity and a fraying safety net.And yes, there’s her laconic, down-to-early cop friend Harry, who thinks she’s insane for investigating long dead secrets that were buried with the dead.But, there’s dead and there’s buried. And although her brother, Winston, has been dead for over a decade, his ashes still felt like hot embers to her soul. Embers telling her to resolve just who amongst her family and friends… were responsible …for his death.Killing Kin is the basis for a soon to be completed screenplay.Skye Knight Dent is a relentlessly-single journalist and TV/Film WGA writer based in Los Angeles and Boston.https://www.facebook.com/KillingKin